Press clip: “Made in Japan” engineers find second life in China

Morinosuke Kawaguchi was interviewed by Reuter’s Kazunori Takada about the trend of aging Japanese engineers who take up a second career in China.

The article was published by the New York Times and British The Guardian, among others.


“Skills related to production, like making moulds, are something that companies obtained after years of trial and error,” said Morinosuke Kawaguchi, associate director at management consultancy Arthur D Little in Tokyo.

For example, the slightest tweak to a mould could lead to mass production of faulty items, said Kawaguchi, himself a former Hitachi Ltd engineer who used to make household appliances.

“This exodus of Japanese engineers will raise the quality of products made by Chinese companies and allow them to produce efficiently,” he added.

The article was translated into various languages including Chinese and Vietnamese.