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Team Morinoske Team Morinoske - We thank all of you for supporting Morinoske Company and its growth. Literally. Since having joined ... 2014/02/10 Morinoske Car Design --not so far in the future! Morinoske Car Design –not so far in the future! - Happy 2014! May this be a year of creativity & innovation! In 2014 Morinosuke and his team hop ... 2014/01/02 Morinoske Co. Ltd's new Director: Purin chan Morinoske Co. Ltd’s new Director: Purin chan - As many of you already know, Morinosuke Kawaguchi established his company, Morinoske Co. Ltd. and s ... 2013/10/24 A motherly office chair A motherly office chair - A great example of what Morinosuke Kawaguchi calls yasashii or gentle engineering. The Leopard chai ... 2012/06/22 Augmented reality stage Augmented reality stage - The AR missile app uses augmented reality to “release daily stress”, as the developer puts it. What ... 2012/03/27 Periodic table learned manga way Periodic table learned manga way - This book, “The Periodic Table: Learning Basic Chemistry through Moe” by Miyuki Mitsuda, is a perfe ... 2012/03/23 Can't stop touching Can’t stop touching - The elastic softness of this cat paw replica stimulates endless rubbing. It just feels good to the ... 2012/03/23 Front-loading stapler Front-loading stapler - According to Morinosuke Kawaguchi, this stapler adds a bit of spice to office life. To refill, the ... 2012/03/23 Baby newspaper Baby newspaper - This baby toy consists of a soft, cotton surface and produces a crackling sound similar to a newspa ... 2012/03/23 Almost convenient food Almost convenient food - Curry is extremely popular in Japan, and many a visitor to Japan carries tons of mixes home (Glico ... 2012/03/23 Open Sky 2.0: Nausicaä's Maeve created Open Sky 2.0: Nausicaä’s Maeve created - Morinosuke Kawaguchi often points out how subculture inspires innovation. Japanese media artist Hac ... 2012/03/23 Infinite pleasure of bubble wrap popping Infinite pleasure of bubble wrap popping - Bandai's puti puti bubble wrap toy replicates the infinite pleasure of bubble wrap popping. For Mor ... 2012/03/22 Irresistible to the touch Irresistible to the touch - If you ever had edamame you will know what a strangely pleasant action it is to squeeze out the pea ... 2012/03/07