Infinite pleasure of bubble wrap popping

Bandai’s puti puti bubble wrap toy replicates the infinite pleasure of bubble wrap popping. For Morinosuke Kawaguchi, the hint here is the compulsion of using this toy over and over again, the good kind of addictiveness to a product feature. The question is how to transfer this irresistibility into the product design.

Kawaguchi shared some of his ideas on transferring irresistibility into product design at Sweden’s Tillväxtdagen (“Growth Day”) back in 2010. Tillväxtdagen is an annual event in Sweden, organized by the Swedish Governmental Agencies for Growth.

He also explains the bubble wrap appeal more in detail on his JapanTechLessons channel:

Morinosuke Kawaguchi and Kawakami Industries’ Ayaka Sugiyama–Putimetal’s kawaii singer and puti-puti idol– in a Shibuya club, discussing subculture: the Doraemon map, Spain’s resemblance to Japan, cosplayers & more.