Morinosuke interview series in the Nikkei Shinbun

Enjoy this fantastic series of interviews with Morinosuke Kawaguchi in the Nikkei Shinbun. Morinosuke’s conversation partner is alpha blogger and investor Ichiro Yamamoto san. The two have collaborated on a book project forecasting the future of ICT and Electronics and in the interviews below are discussing those industries.

自分仕様の人工臓器にこそ「人類史上最高の価値」 みらいのトビラ(1)

小手先の技術一掃する「ウルトラ発明」の破壊力 みらいのトビラ(2)

日本メーカーの存亡 突破口は「好奇心資本主義」 みらいのトビラ(3)

This set includes two books, one written by Yamamoto san and another by Morinosuke.

川口盛之助氏のメガトレンド( ICT エレクトロニクス編)2015-2023
川口盛之助氏のメガトレンド( ICT エレクトロニクス編)2015-2023