Morinoske Global Consultancy Project with the Georgia Institute of Technology

2014 is the second year that Morinoske Co. Ltd. has been fortunate to be able to sponsor groups of MBA students from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

This project-based experiential course lasts one semester, during which time, Morinosuke and his team in Japan and in Europe work remotely with the MBA students in the USA. The projects are marked by a week-long residency in Japan that provide the students with a chance to get to know the country while traveling around visiting companies and working face-to-face with Morinoske team members, before returning to the US and completing their projects.

The course itself is brilliantly conceived and managed by Professor James Hoadley who is the Associate Director at the Center for International Business Education and Research (GT CIBER) at the Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business. Professor Hoadley is a Japan expert whose wide-ranging knowledge of both international business and culture is awe-inspiring.

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is the 7th public university in the United States according to US News and World Report rankings. Georgia Tech’s MBA program ranks 6th nationally in Information Technology according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek , and the evening MBA program ranks 11th among public universities according to US News & World Report.