Morinosuke @ SURTECH 2014 on January 29th @ Tokyo Big Sight

Next chance to catch Morinosuke at a presentation that is open to the public is at SURTECH2014, an international event at Tokyo Big Sight that attracts about 50,000 people from 500 large and 1200 midsize companies.
Info in English on SURTECH2014
Morinosuke’s presentation on Japanese monozukuri on January 29th at 13:00—14:00
Language: Japanese
RSVP because seats are limited
1月29日(水) 13:00~14:00
(株)盛之助 代表取締役社長 川口盛之助

Info on SURTECH 2014 according to their website:
Surtech aims at gathering all manufacturers and suppliers on Electro-plating, Surface Finishing, to promote technology exchange and cooperation. Visitors from industries such as machine manufacturing, automobile, hardware, metallurgy, military manufacturing, navigation and spaceflight, home appliances, medical treatment apparatus, furniture, chemicals / daily chemicals, electronics equipment manufacturing & related products, IT, mould & die, packaging, plastics, rubber, telecommunication, toys, watch & clock, accessories and jewelry.
Exhibitor profile includes Finishing Technologies (Including Plants, Equipment and Materials); Electroplating, Anodizing, Pre-treatment, Metallizing, Plating/Painting on Plastics, Vacuum Plating, Stripping Solutions & Equipment, Cleaning, Abrasion, Deburring, Buffing & Polishing, Paint & Powder, Environmental, Safety and Protection, Engineering & Supporting Service and Water Supply & Purification System.