Morinosuke @ Japan’s top symposium on quality control 2018

2018 JUSE Symposium on Quality Control keynote speaker CEOs
Wow! We’re happy and very honored that Japanese futurist, strategist Morinosuke Kawaguchi is one of the CEOs chosen as keynote speakers at Japan’s top symposium on quality control . This incredible group of CEOs includes Bridgestone shacho president Tsuya san, Kagome CEO Terada san, Hitachi CEO Higashibara san, Toray CEO Nikkaku san, Toyota Senior Managing Officer Sato san, and Morinoske CEO Morinosuke Kawaguchi! So honored that our company Morinoske is represented in such a fantastic group! Thank you!
Poster PDF here: 第106回品質管理シンポジウムパンフレット_表紙
Details of the CEOs’ keynote speeches: