Morinosuke’s book is used as a university textbook @ Canada

Morinosuke Kawaguchi’s book Geeky-Girly Innovation: A Japanese Subculturalist’s Guide to Technology and Design is used as a university textbook in Canada at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s School of Computing and Academic Studies’ first year and second year Financial Management and Liberal Studies.

Course Details
This interdisciplinary course provides an in-depth study of a topic in liberal studies, to develop students’ understanding of a specific cultural, literary, artistic, technological, or scientific issue of concern to society, including consideration of both continuity and change. LIBS 7024 promotes cultural and civic literacy by exploring important social and cultural issues, in order to enhance the ability of students to contribute positively to workplaces and communities. Topics vary from term to term and may include subjects such as: technology and values; environmental ethics; utopian literature; the city – design and history; women in science and technology. Students may only take Selected Topics twice for credit towards a BCIT degree program.